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Fields of Practice


Business Law

In the context of the world economy, legal implications in the business world evolve rapidly. Our law firm keeps up with this rapid development. We have developped an expertise to relevantly advise and assist our clients in setting up, acquiring, merging and selling companies, in Quebec and Canada as well as internationally.

The business law reality gives us no choice to permanently and continually acquire and update our knowledge in order for our law firm to offer high quality services concerning business financing, management of the transaction's fiscal/tax impacts, corporate management and also the conclusion of diverse commercial agreements.

Our clients can count on our professionalism in order to manage cases of commercial litigation as well as legal counselling is the baseline of a law firm specializing in business law.

Legal Skills Related to Business Law:

  • Incorporation and corporative structures
  • Corporate record keeping
  • Business sale and acquisition
  • Mergers
  • Business financing
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Minority shareholders law
  • Joint venture
  • Franchises
  • Distribution contracts and agreements
  • Fiscal & tax Planning
  • Bankruptcy, insolvency and spin-off.

Labour Law

The practice of labor law in Quebec and Canada is special. In fact, labour law operates in a legal system characteristic to the Canadian context. In doing so, our practice has developed abilities to advise employers and employees in matters regarding federal or provincial labour law.

Our lawyers provide high quality services in labour and employment law, both for employers and employees. Our practice has developed around labour relations, and employment advising, especially in matters such as collective bargaining, wrongful dismissals and psychological harassment.

Our clients can rely on professionals capable of handling contentious issues and advising on labour relations and employment problems.

Legal Skills Related to Labour law

  • Collective bargaining
  • Grievance arbitration
  • Labour relations
  • Human resources
  • Employment terminations and disciplinary actions
  • Psychological harassment
  • Wrong union representation
  • Health and safety programs
  • Pay and gender equity
  • Federal labour and employment law 

Commercial Litigation

In the modern commercial and transactional world, business relationships between clients, partners and suppliers may evolve in a way the rights of each partner (clients, partners, shareholders, supplier) conflict. Our expertise in commercial litigation is therefore indispensable for our corporate and business clients.

More generally, our lawyers have the expertise to prepare the legal procedures necessary either for collection, non-respect of a contract or disputes between shareholders. Our approach is one of analysing and counselling: Our goal is to maximise the impact of our legal strategies while minimizing their cost in time and money.

Legal Skills Related to Commercial Litigation:

  • Disputes between shareholders
  • Contractual obligations
  • Civil responsibility
  • Collection
  • Arbitration and mediation
  • Unfair competition
  • Tax litigation (assessment notice - income taxes)
  • Negotiation with the taxation authorities
  • Copyright litigation
  • Trademark litigation
  • Internet's domain name litigation
  • Opposition to trademark registration
  • Unallowed use of trademarks
  • Fraud claim
  • Creditor's claim
  • Appointment of receivers
  • Creditor's rights protection

Intellectual Property Law

Practice of intellectual property law focuses on the following fields :

  • Trademark law
  • Copyright law
  • Trade secrets
  • Leisure law
  • Patent law

While most businesses must protect their trademarks and copyrights, these fields of practice account for most involvement of our law firm.

Moreover, our lawyers are able to guide and advise you for questions of trade secrets, patents and entertainment laws. Please contact us for more information regarding intellectual property law.

Legal Skills Related to Intellectual Property Law:

  • Trademarks regsitration
  • Patents registration and homologation
  • Copyrights registration and management
  • Licencing agreements
  • Unfair competition
  • Litigation

International Business Law

Mainly directed to the businesses that are already active or plan to to be active on the international market, our expertise aims at assisting our clients in the growth of their international business. We also advise clients on commercial relations with respect to jurisdiction conflicts inherent to international business.

We offer consulting and transaction structuring services with a particular emphasis on Canadian and European law. We also assist you to can gain the maximum benefits of commercial and free-trade agreements between Canada and other countries.

With the collaboration of our resources in various jurisdictions, our services enable our clients to establish efficient corporate deals.

Legal Skills Related to International Business Law:

  • Conflict of laws analysis
  • Commercial and free-trade agreement analysis
  • Custom processes
  • Transnational sales
  • International shipping
  • Franchise and distribution
  • Trademark and intellectual property protection
  • International financing
  • Laws referring to goods and labels
  • Legal domiciliation
  • Transnational litigation and arbitration
  • Dispute resolution
  • Manufacturer's responsibilities
  • Local and international businesses acquisitions
  • International business relations
  • Immigration and citizenship
  • International representation conventions
  • International contracts